The importance of understanding whether a proposed project is feasible lies at the forefront of ensuring a successful project. Calibre cost management specialises in compiling accurate and detailed feasibility models for a range of differing projects.

Having a team with substantial knowledge around all aspects of project costs allows calibre to excel in the provision of accurate feasibility models, this includes accurate Land, Legal, Finance, Consultant, Construction and Ancillary estimates. Engaging Calibre in the projects infancy will ensure a clients expectations are reasonable and can help ensure a successful project.


Calibre thrives on assisting clients with cost certainty, especially at the early stages of the design phase. The firm is experienced working on a range of projects from residential refurbishments though to large scale commercial and industrial works and everything in-between.

Clients who engage Calibre for a concept estimate include builders, developers, architects, or individuals with a vision of their next project. Provided with a floor plan and elevations, Calibre can use its wealth of knowledge ascertained over the years to compile an accurate concept estimate.

Concept estimates utilise square meter rates derived from previous projects and current market conditions. Concept estimates provides cost certainty for the client allowing confident progress to the next stage of design.

In conjunction with the concept estimate, Calibre summarises the estimate in a report, outlining exclusions, areas of risk, cost savings and limitations associated with the estimate.


Being able to achieve the desired project outcome for the budget is paramount to any development, not being able to achieve the budget can spell disaster for even the most desired projects.

The team at Calibre have extensive experience providing tailored levels of Value Engineering, ranging from minor adjustments to full design and cost review. CCM zeroes in on unwarranted expense and provides cost saving solutions that protect the Clients brief.

With our practical and pragmatic approach we work to understand the route taken and evaluate the prior decisions made and identify excessive costs and added complexities where others may overlook.

From our experience and market contacts we are able to pursue solutions that match the required economics of the project and we are not afraid of getting down into the detail, as often this is where the greatest savings can be found.


The Calibre team has extensive experience in providing Measurement, take-off and scheduling services. We regularly provide part or full schedule of quantities for Builders, Main Contractors, Subcontractors and building owners alike.

With our previous and ongoing tendering we understand what needs to be quantified to ensure the costs of construction is accurately calculated. We tailor the format of schedules to suit the clients needs and ensure what we produce dovetails with their required inputs.


Calibre is engaged by various builders around Christchurch (and the wider New Zealand) to undertake a tender process. Calibre strives to compile a competitive and conforming tender. Calibre utilises the builders and our own subcontract base to ensure the builder is as competitive as possible.

CCM has vast experience in producing tenders, these include office fitouts, residential alterations, complex infrastructure projects & commercial new builds. Suitable tags and clarifications are submitted with the tender to ensure the principal is aware of any ambiguities associated with the plans or specifications.

Calibre also undertakes Tender Reviews.

Alternatively Calibre Cost Management can complete accurate tender analysis on behalf of the principal. Presented with submitted tenders, Calibre will preform a tender review/analysis.

This is an evaluation process where at the conclusion of Calibre’s work, a recommendation is made to the client for who the project should be awarded to. This takes into account both price, and non price attributes. Adjustments and penalties will be considered to ensure all tenderers are on an even playing field.


Toby, Calibre Cost Management’s Principal and Managing Director, is experienced in filling the complex dual responsibility role of Engineer to the common form of contract for NZS 3190 and 3916. His substantial contractual understanding and knowledge of appropriate special conditions makes Calibre a perfect choice to fill this complex role.

Toby takes a special focus on non biased risk transfer and encourages all parties to properly consider the implications of any transfer (or non transfer) of risk. Engaging a competent and suitably experienced Engineer to the Contract can ensure the success of the project and alleviate any dispute through the construction phase.


Calibre Cost Management is well versed at all aspects of contract administration. Whether it be on behalf of a contractor for a large value complex project or managing the payment claim process for the principal, Calibre is suitably qualified to administer the contract.

Calibre also specialises in funding “Drawdown” reports and can offer a range of funding related services for all major banking outlets.


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